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JjIjKKELUjUM Mercredi 5 Décembre 2018 à 14:21


today I was trying to install ElsterFormular using playonlinux. I ran into so many issues, that I request some help.

I did install Notepad++ first without any problems. So playonlinux itself seems to work.

a) Failed Installation: When I install ElsterFormular I get the error:

Error in POL_Wine
Wine seems to have crashed

wine: Bad EXE format for Z:\home\xxx\Downloads\ElsterFormularKomplett.msi.
12/05/18 14:06:34 - [POL_Wine] Error: Wine seems to have crashed\n\nIf your program is running, just ignore this message

I then tried to report a bug report. This failed because:

PlayOnLinux is not up to date (using 4.2.12).

b) Failed installation of PlayOnLinux 4.3.3

Since I am on Manjaro, I use "pacman -Syu playonlinux". This installs the version 4.2.12. So I guess the package is not updated.

c) Failed issue display

How do you display issues?

This results in an empty page (Chromium and Firefox).

d) Failed to register

I then wanted to register for this forum.

I put in my desired User-Name and E-Mail, then the registration code.

Then I got an error, that the user name already exists.

This needs to be fixed. The register process needs to check this before sending a confirmation e-mail with the code.

I then changed my user name.

This was not possible because now there is a problem with the e-mail address. I had to use a different e-mail now.

If you are wonding on my user name, this is why.


Any help on the above issues appreciated.






Tutul Mercredi 5 Décembre 2018 à 14:37

Wine only run .exe and yours file is an .msi that need to be run with msiexec. POL don't have a direct support for that. But you can try to "run a program in that wineprefix" to see if that's work (that should use the second answer in these post).


We don't manage official repository package by ourself. You can use the AUR version or ask the package maintener to upgrade it.


By the way, I invit you to read again our forum rules about courtesy and how to write good request on our forum !

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