World of Warcraft with PlayOnLinux : Definitive Guide

Some tips for WoW to run on your Linux

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ViktorMota Mercredi 27 Février 2019 à 2:54

Hello, I created this account just to pass some information I had some problems to get when I decided to install WoW on my Linux.

First of all, I'm using the BackBox distro that runs an Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial.
My CPU is an Intel Core i5-4200U CPU @ 1.5GHz, my GPU is an Nvidia GeForce 820m and an Intel 4400 (or Intel (R) Haswell Mobile DRI) and WoW runs at 45-50 FPS in the Low setting.

I tested two "types" of WoW, the original of and the one with pirate server from Firestorm-Server. Both with the game completely downloaded to avoid emulating also the installation launcher.

Let's get the settings.

First, let's manage a new version of wine. To do this, go to Tools > Manage Wine Versions. Then click on the "Wine Versions (amd64)" tab. Look for "2.21-staging" and click the ">" button to install this version. Wait for the version and the deppendences to finish downloading and go to the next step.

1 - Now on the main PlayOnLinux tab, click "Install a program" and in the lower left, click "Install a program not listed".

2 - Click next and "Install a program on a new virtual drive".
2.1 - Give a name to the drive, I put "WoW", click next.

3 - Check the "Use another version of Wine" and "Configure Wine" options. Click next.
3.1 - Select the wine version you previously installed (2.21-staging). Click next.
3.2 - Select "64-bit windows installation". Click next.

Wait for the virtual drive to be created and wine install the required dependencies on the new drive.

4 - It will open a Wine configuration window. Keep the Windows version in Windows 7.
4.1 - Click the "Graphics" tab and check the "Automatically capture mouse in fullscreen windows" and "Emulate a virtual desktop" options. In the "emulate a virtual workspace", you can leave it the way it is, WoW will open at 800x600, then just set the screen size within the game.
4.2 - Click on the "libraries" tab.
In the "New Replacement for Library" field, search for and add "d3d11", "dxgi" and "msvcp140". Click Apply and OK.

5 - Click "Browse" and select your launcher, preferably "wow64.exe", in order to create a virtual drive for 64 bits. Click Next.

WoW should run normally :)


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