"Error! Files mismatch" on every library

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Wooty Lundi 4 Mars 2019 à 18:07

Hello, I just installed a fresh copy of Kubuntu and I am having an absolutely frustrating time trying to get literally anything running in PlayOnLinux. I use PlayOnLinux on my Arch laptop, which is on the same network as this machine, and POL works flawlessly. I have made sure to do an "apt update" and "apt upgrade", reinstalled POL, removed all settings folders... But nothing. Every single file that tries to download gives an MD5 mismatch and I cannot remedy myself around this.

Is there any way to ignore MD5 mismatches? For example, this link fails fior dotnet20:

Any other ideas? Thanks..

Quentin PÂRIS Lundi 4 Mars 2019 à 21:04
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Can you confirm that you are able to download the file and that its checksum corresponds to the one that POL is asking for?


Wooty Lundi 4 Mars 2019 à 22:29

I thought I had figured out issue but apparently not so much.. I get the same error, with a local and server checksum, both different numbers. I am not sure where POL is supposed to be saving this file but the resources folder is empty.

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