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trymeout Dimanche 12 Mai 2019 à 0:48

All of my virtual drives are located in my /home/john/PlayOnLinux's virtual drives directory. I have many different games and applications that I use and I would like all the users on my system to access. Here is why I think this feature will come in handy...


All Users, One Install

If your not an admin or if you encrypt you home folder when setting up your computer only you can access the PlayOnLinux applications and no other user on your system. The only way around this is to install the application for every user and if the applicatio is large in size such as a game it could take up Gigabytes in size and to install the same applications for 4 users starts to eat up your free space


SDD Drive

When I was gaming on Windows I had a secondary SSD drive on my computer, the E:/ drive which is where I iinstalled my game onto. It helped with performance and load times. I would like to do the same on my Linux machine.


I do not want to have an option to choose where the virtual drive directory is but to choose where each virtual drive can be located on ones machine. By default the /home/john/PlayOnLinux's virtual drives directory is good but to have flexability would make PlayOnLinux more powerful!

Dadu042 Dimanche 12 Mai 2019 à 9:57

All Users, One Install

I agree. It would be nice.


A part of the answer :

trymeout Mardi 14 Mai 2019 à 0:58

By using the symlink method would this mess up any updates for PlayOnLinux since the directory has changed?

Dadu042 Mardi 14 Mai 2019 à 4:21

I don't know.