Halo gameplay (but not cutscenes) is far too dark

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fortranso Samedi 15 Juin 2019 à 1:53

I installed Halo using Wine 1.6.2. I followed this guide:


My desktop is a Debian 9 x64 desktop with an Intel HD Graphics 630 card. Halo installed properly, and the debug log shows no errors. However, when I actually run the game, the gameplay itself is far too dark to be playable. I figured this might be an issue with the gamma settings, but changing the in-game gamma settings and setting PlayOnLinux to run


xgamma -gamma 2.0


(or something similar) before running the executable doesn't fix the problem.

I'm using the Mesa OpenGL drivers, installed from the repositories:


sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri:i386


What am I doing wrong? What other information can I give to help debug this?

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Dadu042 Samedi 15 Juin 2019 à 21:50

No idea... Perhaps may help , read :

fortranso Dimanche 16 Juin 2019 à 1:21

Supposedly it's fully supported by Wine, but maybe it's just something with my hardware.