GameMaker Studio (howto)

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Posted by Solidfox, 2016, in a wrong area of this forum.


What works
- Installing
- Saving/Loading Projects 
- Downloading Demos from Demos TAB
 - Running/Compiling projects with Windows target
-Running/Compiling projects with Ubuntu(Linux) target, both with and without YYC 
- Registering to Standard Edition and Pro edition
-Downloading Android module 
-GMEZ and GMZ importing/exporting 

What does not
-The original green skin, you should use GM 8.1 skin or the HTML5, however, the green one is the one by default, so there's some workaraound about it

What was not tested
-The rest of the professional tarjets

Additional Comments
To be installed, the WINEPREFIX requires dotnet35sp2.

To get around the skinning issue, you can "disable" or change skins:
     1. Install GameMaker normally, then launch it and let it 
        set itself up. You will notice the skinning makes it
     2. Go to the wine directory -> .wine/drive_c/users/username/Application Data/GameMaker-Studio/skins and rename GmGreen.col
        to GMGreen_backup.col as well as GmGree.skn to
     3. Relaunch GM. You will get an access violation, but GM
        should boot and work (albeit kinda ugly).
     4. Enter your license, or click to use the free version and
        you should have the intro screen. Create a new project
        or load a demo. Things should work, but you can now
        switch the theme to GM8 which will remove the access
        violation and make things look a little cleaner. To do
        this go to file-> preferences and click GM8 under the
        "Select Skin" option. Restart GameMaker and you should
        be good!