Autodesk Inventor 2020 Fails

Installer crashes when trying to download Visual C++ Redistributables.

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RosePeach Dimanche 15 September 2019 à 18:55


I've gotten to the point in the installer where it tries to get Microsoft visual c++ 2012 redistributable. I have downloaded the package from Microsoft and separately installed it in the playonlinux vm. The package shows up in the add/remove programs list. But, the installer can't seem to find it.

What the error looks like


About screenshot:

Linux version: Ubuntu 18.04.3

Version of POL: 4.3.4

Verion of Wine: 4.0.2

Full computer specs: VirtualBox 4 Cores, 4 GB Ram, VboxSVGA 128 MB, 60 GB SSD.

Desktop: Gnome 3.28.2

POL Log file:


Thank you.

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Don't Panic!
Dadu042 Mardi 17 September 2019 à 8:57


> About screenshot:


Missing picture.


>POL Log file:


I suggest to add: wininet, msxml6.


My main answer:

RosePeach Jeudi 19 September 2019 à 5:03

Hi, sorry about the broken link. I have updated the "About screenshot" in my main post. I have added the two components you recommended. Looking at the application setup logs, it seems like the installer is crashing and printing this:


SysUtil::getMediaTypeWithWMI: Could not connect to WMI namespace. Error code: -21472173942019/9/18:22:54:29 joe joe-VirtualBox Download Play VCREDIST2012X86UPD4{F9CF3D54-3C8A-44D3-9730-099AC2DC2448}/VCREDIST2012X86UPD4.tar.lzma2?dummy=0


Here is a link to the whole log file:


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Don't Panic!
Dadu042 Jeudi 19 September 2019 à 8:12

I think that the hope to make this software run on POL/POM is very low. Even the pros of Wine at Codeweaver have quite bad reports.

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