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Frazer Samedi 12 Octobre 2019 à 14:29

I have been working to get a legacy application running in support of an RS232 serial data logger used in school science labs. The Alba software has been successfully installed and seems to work beautifully. The only very minor niggle is that within the Alba application there is the option of creating a Wordpad document to assist with annotating the experiment being conducted. This button is non-functional in the application and of course if Wordpad is separately installed it is not accessible by Alba as each application is compartmentalised.

Can anyone suggest a way that I might be able to add Wordpad as a POL function within the Alba build?

Regards, Frazer

Dadu042 Mardi 21 Janvier 2020 à 10:07

What OS's Wordpad would suit to this software ?


Useful link:

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