Where's the best place to share my success?

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FordPerfect Jeudi 24 Octobre 2019 à 12:50

Ladies and Gentlemen


At all I'm still a newbie linux user. But I got a lot pc experience.
How ever I decided to run "Dungeon Siege 2" (DS2) in playonlinux, because my hardware is a lot too new to accomplish this in a fair way with Win10. As for my knowledge, I also know that there is no way to play a outdated game in a Virtual Envrioment in Windows 10. Because a lot lot alot things sucks there a lot. If you know that I mean.



So my goal was/is:
- Running DS2 as best as possible (fullscreen, no missing/skipping dialoge screens, smooth and frenzy)
- No use of any 3th party programs for the game itself (like cracks, mods and so on)
- I got the 4 CD Windows Version of the Game, so it should work "out of the box". I made the deal to tranfer the original cds to images to improove the reading speed aswell as keep the data alive without cd drive.



What I did:
- Use a old USB2 HDD 3.5" Drive for Linux Test OS
- Use a old USB2 Stick for install Linux OS
- After a while of seeking I decided to go for Manjaro Linux, download and flash to USB Stick - ready to install Linux OS.
- Reboot, install Manjaro (MJ) from USB2 Stick to USB2 HDD (~450GB)
- On MJ I first installed nvidia drivers
- Then Wine and Wine-Mono
- Playonlinux
- Went trought Playonlinux with a lot of changes in settings, use ISO to install DS2
- After that there was no possibility to run DS2 because of missing CDDRIVE
- qCDEmu (tricky but went ok) - There are multiple options to HAVE to be actived
- Finally my game runs with 100% success without need of any 3th party for the game itself. Using the original cd software.

There were a lot of settings needed to accomplish that at all.


So returning to my questions:
- Was that all basics so there's no need to tell anyone what to do (what I did)?
- If not, where should I place a topic with a detailed guide?





Edit: The reason for this topic is just because I was successful and I maybe share my success to other people to be successful too. ... ;)

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Dadu042 Jeudi 24 Octobre 2019 à 14:27

> - Was that all basics so there's no need to tell anyone what to do (what I did)?


Unfortunally yes.


> - If not, where should I place a topic with a detailed guide?


This kind of detailed report is usually onto a personnal web site.

Perhaps this web site host this kind of reports:


FordPerfect Jeudi 24 Octobre 2019 à 16:46

Why unfortunally? I'm happy with what I did, so if you tell me that are basics and there is no need to post any guide, I'm happy with that too. :)

For me it was hard work to reach this point, so I thought sharing my experience to sb else could help.

If it's so no matter a mod can close this topic, I'm fine...


Edit: 8> Marvin ;)

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