All DOS games unable to run ?

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Dadu042 Mercredi 20 Novembre 2019 à 16:20

Because the latest DOS-Wine build ("1.6.2-dos_support_0.6") has also the issue Little windows issue, it seems impossible to run the DOS game having some POL/POM scripts.

booman Lundi 25 Novembre 2019 à 23:04

Hmm, never thought to try PlayOnLinux for running Windows DOSBox.  Instead I use the Linux DOSBox.

There are some DOS games on GOG that have Windows DOSBox bundled with it, but you can still install the game with PlayOnLinux, then copy the game folder to your dosgames directory where it hosts all of your Linux DOSBox games.  That normally works as well.

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Dadu042 Jeudi 5 Mars 2020 à 17:58

Note: in november 2019 I wrote to the founder of POL, he told me that there is some build made for POL v5 (Phoenicis) that can be used as a workaround :


The installation is not possible automatically, the file (example: PlayOnLinux-wine-4.0-dos_support-linux-x86.tar.gz ) has to be downloaded then unzipped into the right place :  ./PlayOnLinux/wine/...   into a new folder that you have to create (example: 4.0-dos_support )

Then the user must change the version of the installation script in POL/POM from the Settings window.

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