Checking internet access for Windows app on POL?

Windows app on POL not getting internet access

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JonJingleberry Jeudi 28 Novembre 2019 à 2:30

Hi, I installed Wine (4.0.3 I think) first on my Ubuntu 18 laptop (64-bit) then installed my Windows app. The app needs to communicate with the internet, but it is not able to. I then saw posts about missing 32-bit libraries (libnss-mdns:i386) so I installed that. No luck with the app. I then installed POL (version 4.3.4) and re-installed the Windows app, after specifying both a version 4.20 of Wine and 3.21 later. Nothing going.

I can connect to the internet using Firefox on my laptop. I tried using iexplore.exe in Wine but that also does not connect. I am surprised I do not see anything recent (within past year or so) about internet connection issue, all the stuff I pull up is from 2017, 2015, or earlier (2011 or 2010).

I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out why the app cannot reach the internet. Can anyone suggest how I might check what could be blocking the request?



Dadu042 Jeudi 28 Novembre 2019 à 13:37

JonJingleberry Jeudi 28 Novembre 2019 à 17:34

Thank you I will check that out!