Learning new commands for the first time

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QuinnCade Mardi 4 Février 2020 à 14:05

I'm fairly new to Linux, but wanted to ask this question about how people find their way around new commands.

For example, I recently had an issue with a webpage that wouldn't connect to a service that I was running on an Ubuntu server.

I googled the firewall setup for Ubuntu, found a command to open certain ports, copied/pasted with the changes I needed and had everything working.

My question is, what's the "pro" way to do this. I'm guessing that pros would find the firewall in the command line, run a command like "man" to find the manual, piece together the command line arguments and run everything they need.

Is there a pro way to find your way around Linux without resorting to Google everytime? I feel like such a fraud when I'm using Linux!

Dadu042 Mardi 4 Février 2020 à 21:25

I think that the pro way is to read the user manuals (of course this takes a lot of time). But nowadays even pros do rely too much on Google.