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polyz Mercredi 18 Juin 2008 à 7:00

I have problems installing (see below)! Help please.

DemonHypnos Mardi 27 Janvier 2009 à 21:49

Move pidgen.dll to your system32 folder in wine and the installer should run.

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cefre Samedi 21 Février 2009 à 22:38

Hi all!

I've installed Halo 1. The game began to run but the sound is ragging, and the game is very slow.

I use ubuntu 8.10. I've installed wine 1.1.9 within playonlinux. I had problems with wine befor, probably because of my vcard (ati 2400 HD with 256 MB DDR2), but I use the latest driver for linux 32bit.

Have U got any ideas what can be a solution? How can I setup dependencies within the playonlinux-wine?

For polyz:
I had the same problem. I simply changed the CD drive from cdrom to cdrom0.

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