Wine 5.4 doesn´t show up in version manager.

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DrM1173 Vendredi 20 Mars 2020 à 16:55

At I see that Wine development version 5.4 has been released, but it still doens't show up in PlayOnLinux's version manager. When will Wine 5.4 be available for PlayOnLinux?

Dadu042 Vendredi 20 Mars 2020 à 19:09

Development work is still required to finish Wine 5.3:

5.4 will come after. When, I don't known.

DrM1173 Samedi 16 Mai 2020 à 16:33

Wine 5.8 was released 10 days ago, but it still doesn't show up in the PlayOnLinux's Version Manager. Why does it take some time before the latest wine development release will be available in the Version Manager?

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Dadu042 Samedi 16 Mai 2020 à 17:29

Number of volunteers working on this issue (making winebuilds): < 1 since march (+ a software bot, that sometimes need a human to fix something).

Current buildings status (it's mainly the bot work that is displayed):

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