Fatal Error on Macbook Air High Sierra

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indistinguish Jeudi 27 Aoüt 2020 à 21:27

Downloaded fully updated versions of wine, winebottler, and Playonmac, but playonmac has a fatal error. I looked through old fourms and found ways to fix it, i tried them and they all didn't work. My system language is English, everything seems right, but a fatal error occurs. Any reason why?

eNieSee Lundi 31 Aoüt 2020 à 13:09

I've same issue with 4.4.1. 

still saying fatal error. Old version which i still had on the mac is working, but wine is failing when loading .iso file

im on macOS High Sierra. version 10.13.6 (17G8037)

BarryN Mardi 1 September 2020 à 4:52

Looking at the executable output, I see a line that says at least part of the program was built for 10.15. Can someone either build a version of PlayOnMac 4.4 that will run on Mac OS X 10.13 and newer, or make an older version available for download that is compatible with 10.13?

basename: illegal option -- b

usage: basename string [suffix]

       basename [-a] [-s suffix] string [...]

2020-08-31 22:33:58.822 defaults[22886:43099204] 

The domain/default pair of (, loc) does not exist

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/Applications/", line 80, in <module>

    import ctypes

  File "<frozen zipimport>", line 259, in load_module

  File "ctypes/__init__.pyc", line 7, in <module>

ImportError: dlopen(/Applications/, 2): Symbol not found: ____chkstk_darwin

  Referenced from: /Applications/ (which was built for Mac OS X 10.15)

  Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

 in /Applications/

2020-08-31 22:33:58.939 playonmac.real[22887:43099210] An uncaught exception wasThis may mean that an unexpected error has occurred, or that you do not have allSee the Console for a detailed traceback..

BarryN Mardi 1 September 2020 à 4:59

I found another post that gies the official location of older versions as:
I will try 4.3.4 and see if that works. It would still be nice to have a build of 4.4 that works Mac OS X 10.13 and newer though.

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BarryN Mardi 1 September 2020 à 5:50

PlayOnMac 4.3.4 seems to at least run on Mac OS X 10.13.


OsunaS2003 Vendredi 18 Décembre 2020 à 2:16


PlayOnMac 4.3.4 seems to at least run on Mac OS X 10.13.