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orbanp Mardi 22 September 2020 à 23:27

Hello Everyone,


I installed PlayOnLinux 4.3.4 on Kubuntu 18.04 and have been using it with a number of Wondows programs.

I find it a great aid for using Windows programs.

One of the programs that I have been using is the 64-bit LTspice  XVII that installed and works with some workarounds.

What I am wondering is that where are the LTspice system files stored, I would like to add some components to the "standard.bjt" file (I know, I should know it better).

I do find that file eventually in the /home/documents/LTspiceXVII/lib/cmp folder, but it is not the file the program uses.

The file can be found at other locations as well, but those are still not the file used by LTspice.

So where is it?


Thanks, Peter

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