Dual monitor with Powerpoint 2010

2nd monitor not recognized by Powerpoint 2010

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meslin Dimanche 8 Novembre 2020 à 17:40

Hi all! I successfully installed Powerpoint 2010 using the Playonlinux's script, and it's working (almost) satisfactorily.

But, when I try to enable the Presenter View using my 2nd monitor under the Slide Show menu, Powerpoint shows me the following message:

This feature is for use with more than one monitor, but only one monitor was detected. To see if your computer can display on multiple monitors,click the Ckeck button.

How to configure Playonlinux to Powerpoint recognizes my 2nd monitor?

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04, Playonlinux 4.3.4, Office 2010 32-bit. I installed Office using the default script, and I'm running all of them with the default options.