MIDI interface not recognized

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JR-Utily Lundi 16 Novembre 2020 à 11:23

Hello !

I want to configure my old behringer V-AMP 2 (former model of this through Midi ports on my Debian 10 laptop to configure it with VAMP PRO software ( So it uses MIDI to communicate but there is no sequencer or anything implied.

I know I did that with the exact same hardware (midi to USB interface, etc.) around 2011/12 on Ubuntu and wine with no problem. For what I remember, it really was just "wine Vamp2.exe" and it worked.

Today, when I do that, Vamp software tells me it doesn't find any MIDI devices. I tried to stop pulseaudio and to force winecfg to alsa but still with no success.

The MIDI interface is well recognized by linux anyway:


$ aconnect -o
client 14: 'Midi Through' [type=noyau]
    0 'Midi Through Port-0'
client 20: 'USB Uno MIDI Interface' [type=noyau,card=1]
    0 'USB Uno MIDI Interface MIDI 1'

I don't know in wich direction to look at now....