Cannot write config settings to null

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Gill Bates Mardi 29 Décembre 2020 à 21:24
Gill BatesAnonymous


I'm trying out PlayOnMac on a new Macbook Air (m1).

Don't even know if it's possible yet, but the game (TrackMania) installed fine so far.

But POM or the game tells me "cannot write config settings to null", so the game can't be fully registered or configged to run.

I assume I have to give some write access to some folder?

Or what could I do to fix this?

I tried it on a virtual machine and it works there. But I prefer PlayOnMac, if I can fix it

Thank you


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Gill Bates Samedi 9 Janvier 2021 à 14:21
Gill BatesAnonymous

Hm maybe a reboot or something helped.

It works now