HoMM III (gog) on Catalina

It launches, but no keyboard or mouse input

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qha Mardi 5 Janvier 2021 à 0:40


new to playonmac. I tried Heroes of Might and Magic III complete edition before on Crossover, and it worked out of the box on Catalina. I'm a cheapskate and want to try this on PlayOnMac before purchasing anything, even though I'm reading mixed reports if it's actually possible at all.

I actually got it installed and running, but I can't get past intro videos, since keyboard or mouse input doesn't work on Macbook Pro 2018.

I've tried 32-bit and 64-bit windows installs using both "non-listed" and "listed" and using "system" wine. If I install it by searching as a listed app, there's an error downloading something from microsoft. I can see that it has gdiplus enabled this way, but same problem.

Got any tips what to try next?

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