Can't set LDT Entry on MAC?

POM wine errors

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squirreljedi Mardi 9 Février 2021 à 2:53

[02/08/21 20:39:17] - Running wine- regedit /Users/*****/Library/PlayOnMac//tmp/regkey.reg (Working directory : /Applications/
[02/08/21 20:39:17] - Content of /Users/*****/Library/PlayOnMac//tmp/regkey.reg

i386_set_ldt: Operation not permitted
wine: failed to initialize: failed to set the LDT entry for 32-bit code segment

When I go into the debugger this is what the log says. It says it downloads the fonts and whatnot just fine, but it never actually downloads the app. I just keep getting this error screen with POL_wine and this in the debugger.