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(and suggestion)

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biorpg Dimanche 18 Avril 2021 à 15:39

This is not a complaint, just a tip I assume would result in an(admitedly minor) improvement to the return you recieve from the ads on this website, based on my first few minutes here.


While following the link to create an account, I noticed the forlorn ad in the left frame, and immediately told uBlock to make an exception for the site. I filled in my info, and confirmed email. Upon logging in, I recieve a pop-up ad. I immediately tell uBlock to remove the exception for the website.

I hope that doesn't come off as rude or anything, but input blocking I just won't do. There's just no more room for it when it seems the entire computing experience these days is 80% annoyance that is justified with reasons that only truly cover 10%.

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