How do I get newest wine versions in 'Manage Wine Versions'?

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traineedollhater Samedi 22 Mai 2021 à 15:05

My favorite game only works when I select the latest version of wine in POL. The issue is that POL is currently stuck with 6.5 as the latest version available. Is there a way for me to add new ones manually or will the devs please fix it?

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terryc Jeudi 3 Juin 2021 à 9:25

As far as I know, you would have to go to github,, download the source, configure, compile and install it.Then solve any problems.

Depending on the distro and versin you are running, it may be available already compiled.

Can you provide details of the game and wine version required, plus source of the information you posted?

FWIW, I run devuan(debian without systemd) and updates to the 'stable' version were released under 'stable-backports', so if I included this in my package source list whenever I performed the apt-get update/upgrade maintenance, the new packagfe would come into play and replace the old. 

In the past, i have had to wait for newer vewrsion of Playonllinux to  filter through. It is part of the trade off for stability.