Macbook 11.4 Big Sur Issue

No Wine Versions available

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JBH1994 Jeudi 10 Juin 2021 à 16:40

Hello everyone, 


I'm looking for some guidance in getting my PlayonMac to work on my new Macbook Air, running OS 11.4 - Big Sur. 

I am trying to install some games (in this case - Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete) purchased from GOG.

Which worked fine on my previous, old computer. 


However now i get the following error message when trying to install, and when looking in my Wine Versions Manager it's empty. 

Is it because there is no wine application that supports my new system?

Links to what i receive in error & wine:

Very appreciative for any help provided,


Best regards


tekukuno Mardi 20 Juillet 2021 à 15:25

I was under the impression PlayOnMac would not work on 11.4. I was about to uninstall for that reason but decided to see if it would start -- and it does!  It runs programs just fine. Maybe I was mistaken about POM on BigSur?

meowz Lundi 20 September 2021 à 22:23

This exact same thing happened to me! I wish that people would respond to posts about this; I have seen almost 5 so far and none of them have answers!!!!!!


PS I'm not actually insane IRL i promise

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