Haning at 17.1MB when downloading Wine 5.8

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jty9gamc Vendredi 1 Octobre 2021 à 5:48

Hi, I'm trying to install MS Office 2016.  As part of the installation process, POL is downloading Wine 5.8.  Every time, it stops at 17.1MB (of 126.1MB).  I've tried about 15 times tonight.  This time, I've allowed it to keep runing for about 10 minutes, and it still hasn't moved past the 17.1MB, in that time.


Does anybody have any ideas as to what might be going wrong?




Dadu042 Dimanche 3 Octobre 2021 à 18:18

The download is OK for me (download tested on Linux up to 52 MB, 32bits Wine version).