Ubuntu 22.04 compatibility (with POL v4.3.4)

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Dadu042 Mercredi 4 Mai 2022 à 20:38

I have tested POL v4.3.4 onto a Ubuntu 22.04 laptop (+ the default Wine 6.0.3 package). I have install POL (v4.3.4) from the Ubuntu software store (not from the POL web site, however the '.deb' package may work too).


POL does work, however there are some GUI issues :

- POL Windows does open but half size vertically.

- On the install Window, the buttons of the softwares categories are bugged (only 1 button on the left side, leading to the 'Patches' category).


The wxPython version installed seems to be 4.0.7 (according to: /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/wxPython-4.0.7.egg-info ).


Please report here your feedbacks. I don't know if a developper will contribute to fix theses issues, so perhaps it will be time to switch to Phoenicis (POL v5), or to Crossover (by Codeweavers).

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TimurPOL Mardi 10 Mai 2022 à 11:20

No content on

Instead, content is at

Binaries are at

I don't understand how it works, what is "staging"/"upstream"/"proton".

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Dadu042 Jeudi 12 Mai 2022 à 0:21

Yes,  is down :(