No popup dialog in MSO, just infinitely Opening, if troubled file is open from command line

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TimurPOL Lundi 9 Mai 2022 à 17:13

I have MSO 2016 working with Windows Version 7 setting in POL 4.3.4 with Wine 5.8 as installed or even 7.0 as I tested recently. I can open a file via File-Open or from command with /usr/share/playonlinux/playonlinux --run "Microsoft Excel 2016" FileName.xlsx.


The issue I found later after installation is that Word/Excel are not starting from command line if FileName is corrupted and it needs to give some popup.


Instead of giving popup like "Do you want to repair FileName..", splash screen is infinitely showing "Opening FileName 100%" and it just stays like that. Contrary, when the same troubled file is open via File-Open, popup appears as it should.


This may be specific MSO problem or some general one.

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