File mismatch error when installing DotNet 3.5

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LuizMendes Jeudi 19 Janvier 2023 à 22:22

When installing the library corresponding to .NET 3.5, I got the message:


dotnet 20sp2 (Manual DL link broken)
Local: 21701848c9559c48db9bf49ac06ba383
Server: c64fd1f972822ed84378c7058fea0744


(I am sure I selected the DotNet 3.5 library, even if the above message refers to the DotNet 2.0). This error has beenn already reported in

As mentioned in the Wiki page "Troubleshooting commom problems", this seems to be related to conflicting MD5 sums between the POL script and the downloaded package. I will greatly appreciate if you can fix this.

benyaminl Dimanche 9 Avril 2023 à 3:28

Use this link please

And install manually on wine prefix.

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