New Steam update doesnt support 32 bit?

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tkasp12 Lundi 6 Février 2023 à 23:09

Steam launches the new login window as a blank black screen. I have been told that is because it no longer supports 32-bit. Is that the case, and would I be able to just install Steam on a 64bit drive in PoM and it will work?

Used to use the -no-browser command perfectly, and now i cant get any command lines to work in the arguments field. Not even -cef-force-32-bit.

MacOs 10.13.6, PlayOnMac 4.3.3, Wine 3.17, using Windows 8.1 Platform. Never had any issues until this new Steam update. 

fellnerse Samedi 18 Février 2023 à 11:27


I have exactly the same Issue.

My system:

MacOs 13.2 M1

PlayOnMac 4.4.3 Wine 8.0 (System, via brew, I do not know how to use the wine manager in POM, that seems not to work for me)