Solution for tiny Wine window not working

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MasterChief Vendredi 17 Mars 2023 à 23:36

I deleted all the files as instructed in this, but when I did now the Wine configuration  does not even open, before it was just really smallI don't know what to do.

benyaminl Samedi 8 Avril 2023 à 16:32

Are you sure that it's the POL Problem. I seen people always blaming POL, but the problem isn't lies on POL, but on the DE or the distro that build the POL. I have been using POL for years, and never this problem ever surface. I suggest you use more mature DE like XFCE and mature Distro like Fedora...


Try it, and you will know, most of the software work out of the box.

PlayOnLinux for rest of life. Thanks for the maintainer!