Heroes 3 on Chromebook installation problem

on Linux

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GeorgeWow Lundi 17 Avril 2023 à 18:49

Hello peeps!

I tried and tried to install Heroes of might and magic on my new Chromebook but when i type the command, the installation window is on, but when i have to choose the Directory of the game, whatever i choose nothing happend and it said that i have to choose the right directory.. I tried to change copy and paste to different directory but still same problem and i can't install the game.. I've installed Wine and playonlinux, but nothing else happened..

Sorry for my stupid questions, but this is the first time i'm using Linux based comp... :(

ammy53 Dimanche 21 Mai 2023 à 22:45

Have you tried WineHQ? Some time ago, I ran Heroes 3 with HD Mod through WineHQ, without any trouble. Though I'm not sure whether I installed it in Wine, or just copied over the files . Most old games I tried worked fine with it.

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