LoL ending support for 32-bit OS, could I still play on linux?

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edora19 Jeudi 20 Avril 2023 à 20:12

Username: Competitive Gray
Password: ckn4S0PN
I've read a blog post today about updates to LoL. One thing that caught my eye in particular, is that the support for 32-bit operating systems is ending on 4th April. Right now, I am using 32-bit win7, would it be possible for me to continue playing on Linux? If so, what distro would you recommend?

I have only tried Ubuntu, so I am pretty much new to Linux. Thank you in advance for replies.

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benyaminl Lundi 24 Avril 2023 à 4:24

Tf... are you bot?

If it's end of support from the developer.. then you can't use 32 bit.. but if you arch support 64 bit, install linux 64... then try it on... using wine64.... PoL can try...

PlayOnLinux for rest of life. Thanks for the maintainer!
Dadu042 Lundi 28 Aoüt 2023 à 11:12

It was a bot, they put their spam link some days after posting.