BG3 Flawless recovery M2 MAX 32gb

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phelo Mardi 9 Janvier 2024 à 9:48

I was playing BG3 on my Macbook Pro M2 MAX 32Gb. It runs flawlessly on this machine, yes even Act III. I was in the Iron Throne and doing VERY well and then it died. Goes black. I realized I did not have the charger plugged in. The machine ran the game like a champ for an hour until the last volt. No performance dump .

Here is the good story. Of course I plugged it in immediately cursing, then laughing at myself for making a rookie mistake and no save. Well I give it twenty minutes to charge up and the damn thing saved the whole OS and game state when it died. I logged in and the game was right where it died and I just finished the Iron Throne.

As a long time Windows gamer this was just astonishing.

Apple Silicon ROCKS.

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duringleader Samedi 13 Janvier 2024 à 4:39

That's indeed a testament to the efficiency and resilience of Apple Silicon, especially the M1 Max chip in your MacBook Pro. The fact that it was able to save the entire OS and game state despite the sudden power loss is a great example of the seamless integration of hardware and software in Apple's ecosystem. The M1 Max chip, along with the unified memory architecture and other optimizations, has impressed many users with its performance and power efficiency. It's exciting to hear about positive experiences like yours, particularly when it comes to gaming on macOS. As Apple continues to transition its Mac lineup to Apple Silicon, we can expect further advancements in performance, energy efficiency, and overall user experience. It's always refreshing to see users appreciate the capabilities of the hardware, especially in scenarios where it handles unexpected situations gracefully. 

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