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IconicCan78 Jeudi 9 Mai 2024 à 1:29


Currently running an iMac with 3 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5 chip, Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB Graphics Processor, 8 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 Memory and OSX 14.4.1. I am trying to get a protein structure visualization software package to work on this machine. The software is Deep View AKA (SPDVB_4.10_PC), a freeware from the Protein Data Bank. It has worked brilliantly on my older Mac, and I'd like to use it on my newer 64-bit machine. Here are the error messages:

[05/08/24 19:01:59] - Running wine- spdbv.exe (Working directory : /Users/hughfisher/Downloads/SPDBV_4.10_PC)

002c:err:winediag:WS_getaddrinfo Failed to resolve your host name IP

0094:err:plugplay:process_IOService_Device object 0x3903

0094:err:plugplay:process_IOService_Device object 0x3603

0094:err:plugplay:process_IOService_Device object 0x4e03

0094:err:plugplay:process_IOService_Device object 0x7b03

0090:err:plugplay:handle_DeviceMatchingCallback Failed to open HID device 0x7fd42c80bcd0 (vid 05ac, pid 0267)

0090:err:plugplay:handle_DeviceMatchingCallback Failed to open HID device 0x7fd42c80b3b0 (vid 004c, pid 0269)

00bc:err:process:exec_process L"Z:\\Users\\hughfisher\\Downloads\\SPDBV_4.10_PC\\spdbv.exe" not supported on this system


Has anyone done this before? I'd greatly appreciate any and all help!


Best Regards,


Hugh Fisher

Dadu042 Lundi 10 Juin 2024 à 16:48

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