confused about playonlinux and directx

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mrpringle Lundi 2 Février 2009 à 6:10

I've just playonlinux on my gentoo box and I'm confused about whether or not I need to install the DX9 library.

There is no mention of this on the playonlinux website, but then again how can games be rendered under wine without the directx library?.

I'm running kernel 2.6.27-r8, wine-1.1.11 and playonlinux-3.3.

If anyone could clear up my confusion it would be appreciated
Ghostofkendo Lundi 2 Février 2009 à 22:13

Hi mrpringle, (funny nickname )

Actually, Wine provides the DirectX library by default because, you're right, it's necessary for games to be rendered. But Wine provides only the 8.1 version so that's why you can install DirectX9.
Why updating to DX9? Because for some games, you'll get better performances. But for some other games, it's better to use DX8.1. So it's up to you finally (and depending on the game of course )

Is it clearer in your mind now?


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