RPM for ALTlinux

please create rpm for altlinux system

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zx-net Jeudi 12 Février 2009 à 8:16

RPM created for many distributions, but for ALTlinux version not available. Please make it.
official site altlinux is

p.s. i can translate PON on russian language

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Ghostofkendo Jeudi 12 Février 2009 à 14:52

Hi zx-net,

We have rpm packages for several distribution but we only created and maintain the package for Fedora. The other rpm packages are made and maintained by other persons.
So if you would like to see a package for ALT Linux, you will have do it by yourself or ask someone else who's able to do so.

If anyone wants to create a package of POL for ALT Linux, feel free to ask questions, we will help you as much as we can, but we can't do it by ourselves because we don't use ALT Linux (and its documentation is mostly in Russian)

About translating POL to Russian, thank you. We already have people working on it, but if we need more help, we'll make sure to let you know.
Pol is being translated in many languages and Russian is one among many


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