HL2 episodes error? \"Platform Error: Module Failed to initialize\" Ubuntu 8.10


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krdan4th Mercredi 25 Février 2009 à 0:07

I am Running Ubuntu 8.10 and Installed steam witch is working fine. I have also installed half life 2 and Half Life 2: episode 1 which I can get to the loading screen, However once it finishes loading and the menu is about to appear I get an error message "Platform Error: Module failed to initialize". Pretty sure that the game was never written to run on a Linux machine(correct me if I am wrong). What is needed to fix this problem? Is there any scripting I need to do?
bacatta Lundi 16 Mars 2009 à 18:06

I found this but it doesn't work for me. Hope it help.

Distribution : Fedora x64
Version de la distribution : 15
Carte graphique : Nvidia Geforce GTX460
Pilote de la carte graphique : 280.??