Need help installing Direct X 9 for game

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Patrick_K Lundi 2 Mars 2009 à 8:44

I'm running on Ubuntu 8.10
Not sure what version of Wine I have or versions of other stuff.

I went to install a game that wasn't on the list. It's called Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst.
For the schthack or patched verison for the private server.

This is LEGAL and a legitimate server.

I can get the loader running and launch the game, however I see a black screen instead of the tittle screen after the DX visuals it displays when I play it on WIndows. I get music and a buggy menu, however none of the visuals are working. I'm trying to make this game work and I have a dx 9.0 c installer (NOT THE WEB INSTALLER), the full installer. I ran it and installed it onto the game prefix and not sure if that's how I'm suppose to do it sense the patch listings didn't do the trick.

This is a game that isn't on the list and I'm trying to run it. Any help on getting it configured would be appreciated.