need for speed undercover won't start

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ashourism Jeudi 26 Mars 2009 à 23:42

i installed need for speed undercover but after installing it just won't start i press the .exe and .lnk .desktop nothing works i tried to copy a non-official patch but it didn't work too so i put back the official exe and still nothing any help?
NSLW Vendredi 27 Mars 2009 à 8:42

You should delete .ink file as it is shortcut for Winodws and won't work in Linux

I don't know what do you mean by non-offcial patch but i think you should read the last sentence here and think about your solution more. I give you hint: It may be illegal so i can not say more.
ashourism Samedi 28 Mars 2009 à 14:05

well i fixed it i uninstalled wine and play on linux and then reinstalled and it runs but when i enter the game everything is upside down!