[Blood Bowl] Unable to find the CD-rom

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Danipenn Lundi 13 Juillet 2009 à 15:28

Hello again,

I managed to solve the winetricks issue...however now I have another one (of course).

I have the downloadable version of the game (it is not a pirate copy, it is just the way they sell it outside France and Germany).

The files that are in my burned DVD are (case sensitive):


Apparently the POL script is looking for the original CD, which is sold only in France and Germany I think. The boxed version of the game for the other countries will come out in September I guess. the there a way to tell POL where to find the cdrom since it is actually a DVD and has those 4 files in it?

Thanks for your time :)
Danipenn Samedi 18 Juillet 2009 à 7:47

As anyone managed to install from the downloadable version of BB and play with it? It would be useful since I log into Windows only to play BB ;)

There are some info in the Wine site but they are a bit cryptic.
Berillions Samedi 18 Juillet 2009 à 13:55

Hello Danipenn,

Sorry of my delay but i was in Paris and i didn't have Internet.
Can you test my new script here :

I don't have your install version so say me if you have errors.


Danipenn Samedi 18 Juillet 2009 à 22:00

Sorry...I'm a bit noob, I can't find anywhere on the forum how to use the scripts.
Danipenn Samedi 18 Juillet 2009 à 22:04

Found the way...I will try the script now :)
Danipenn Samedi 18 Juillet 2009 à 22:16

unable to find the cd rom. I tried every option, cdrom, cdrom0, cdrom1... even /media/BB (the name of the DVD) ...nada.

It doesn't matter that it is a DVD right? Stupid question?
NSLW Samedi 18 Juillet 2009 à 22:45

If the media name is BB then type in terminal

cd /media/BB

then post the output here on the form

You should disable DVD check before we know what is the content of this DVD

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Danipenn Dimanche 19 Juillet 2009 à 7:12

cd /media/BB <---no such file or directory

cd /media/cdrom0


Thanks :)
NSLW Dimanche 19 Juillet 2009 à 9:08

If so then you have to use Berillions's script and select downloadable version. Berillions mustn't change anything in his script.
Danipenn Dimanche 19 Juillet 2009 à 10:04

Just to make things a bit more clear :)

1. I insert the DVD

2. I start PlayOnLinux

3. Tools>run a non-official script

4. I select Berillions script (previously saved with a text editor)

5. The script runs>I choose my memory graphic>I choose downloadable version

6. I am asked where my cd rom is mounted

7. I select cdrom ----> unable to find the cd rom

8. I select cdrom0 ----> unable to find the cd rom

9. I select cdrom1 ----> unable to find the cd rom

10. I select other>I type /media/BB ----> unable to find the cd rom

11. I click cancel
NSLW Dimanche 19 Juillet 2009 à 10:35

Berillions made a typo
there should be
POL_SetupWindow_check_cdrom "SetupBloodBowl_edsr_efgis.exe"
instead of
POL_SetupWindow_check_cdrom "SetupBloodBowl_edsr_efgis.exe "

I corrected that so please try again.
Danipenn Dimanche 19 Juillet 2009 à 11:14

Now it works, thanks...I just have to figure out a way to not type the serial again because the installations are limited and I am actually using the same computer even though the OS is different. Perhaps it cannot be done.

Thanks then :) I will set this issue to solved. I guess you can include that script in the script already in POL for Blood Bowl.
Danipenn Dimanche 19 Juillet 2009 à 14:07

Anyway...the installation got stuck at the last bit while installing or trying to do something about .NET or something like that. I needed to kill the application but when I loaded BB it worked.

I did not updated it so I don't know if the automatic update works. I downloaded the patches and install them manually using Wine. It looked like it installed them but when I tried to load the game the automatic patcher still wanted to update the game.

I stopped when the game asked me to activate it since I didn't want to use another activation because I am not actually sure that the game can be updated, can be played and can be used in multiplayer as well without problems.

Thanks for your help :)
Berillions Dimanche 19 Juillet 2009 à 17:33

Hello Danipenn,

With my script i can use the automatic update, play the game (solo and mutloplayer).

Danipenn Dimanche 19 Juillet 2009 à 19:11

Nice to know Berillions and thanks for your script :)