Problem with Jedi Academy mod

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Randor244 Vendredi 24 Juillet 2009 à 10:46

Hello all, I'm having a problem. I would be very grateful for help :)

Installed Jedi Academy - then installed (through normal Wine) the mod Knights of the Force.

Problem is, that my computer doesn't have a CD drive. So I can actually start the mod and go to the main menu, and everything works fine. But as soon as I start a singleplayer game or multiplayer game it says "Disk 1 not in drive".

I have tried making a disk image of my CD, copying it over to my laptop (with linux) and mounting it. I also added it as a drive in Wine... still the same error mistake.

And while there are no-cd pathes for Jedi Academy there are none for this mod :(
(It is allowed to at least mention this, isn't it? :D)

Any suggestions? I really would like to play this with a friend...