Fallout 3 and Sims 3 wont start - same error

Strange wine error

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psyphre Dimanche 26 Juillet 2009 à 4:05

Hi, First of all thank you to whoever made the fallout 3 and sims 3 scripts.

Ive installed alot of games with Playonlinux, counterstrike, portal, half life 2, left 4 dead, CnC3, Starcraft etc etc

But today Ive installed sims 3 and fallout 3. Both of them fail to start and give me the same error:

wine_main_preload_info not found

All my other games work fine, just sims 3 and fallout 3. Maybe an issue with the scripts?
psyphre Mardi 28 Juillet 2009 à 6:09

Ok ive noticed that some people who use playonlinux to play sims 3 have special wine versions, for example 1.1.23-thesims3. I dont have that, maybe thats why im getting a wine preload error? It just uses wine 1.1.26.
The same for fallout 3.

NSLW Vendredi 31 Juillet 2009 à 20:22

Hi psyphre
Let's try with The Sims 3 first. This game doesn't need any patched wine version. It may be problem with wine version in your system. Please be sure you set Default Wine Version to run wine programs with PlayOnLinux to System in Settings->Environment