wow will not update

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henson505 Mercredi 12 Aoüt 2009 à 2:01

I was able to install wow with the 5 disc install but it will not update... comes up to the screen where it has information and will not update... I am able to click play and it loads... but will not update from original version... any ideas?
henson505 Dimanche 16 Aoüt 2009 à 6:09

Ok sorry about such a vague problem I was on the run and didnt have a chance to go into further detail... The problem is that I have installed wow from the 5 disc version and when I launch the game it comes up with its normal splash screen and should update or start downloading the updates... it does not... I did look into the plugins section of playonlinux and there is a plugin for wowupdater however like I said it does not start the updates... I have went ahead and clicked play on the splash screen and it starts up fine and seems to be running without a problem.. but until I get the updates im unable to play... any Ideas?