Gothic 3 Script with DVD Version

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Antigone Mardi 25 Aoüt 2009 à 19:11


First of all thx for coding the script for Gothic 3 as it appears one of the rather good RPG's to me:)
However I d/led PlayonLinux and ran the script. He asks for the CD Version of the Game unluckily I bought the DVD Game of the Year Version. Is someone able to post this script for the DVD version again? I'd be really happy if I can get it to run:)

Distri: Ubuntu 9.04
Wine: 1.1.28



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NSLW Mercredi 2 September 2009 à 17:41

The script doesn't ask for CDs. You should be able to install Gothic 3 on DVD with this script although i hasn't tested it with Game of the Year Version To be sure that this version has got the same setup executable do
1) cd /media/cdrom
2) ls
and please post output here