Incorrect Username(Steam)

TF2, Ubuntu 9.10, English

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HalakBalakBalak Mercredi 23 Décembre 2009 à 23:56

Well, I have been trying to install TF2 using Wine and PlayOnLinux.

It installed fine into Steam(which I installed from the PlayOnLinux most recent updates catalogue) and aside from the expected performance issues, ran fluently.

When I went to run the scripts in PlayOnLinux to have it installed as an application there, however, I get the installer going, and the following it my course of choice.

PlayOnLinux > Install > Search TF2 > TF2 Installer > Already Installed(Online) > Forward, etc.

then I get to the Yes/No run option. I have done both. I hit yes, Steam crashes on startup. I have already run TF2(at a horrible frame rate, albiet.) so I clicked no the next time. Then it requests my user name.

That is where is simply tells me that I have an "incorrect user name."

I would really, very much, to an extent unknown to most men, love to play TF2 on linux. This is my only roadblock to doing it "flawlessly."