Git / SVN

Which system is used?

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Dr Phil Dimanche 24 Janvier 2010 à 21:22
Dr Phil

Hi all! =)

Which VCS is used Git or SVN?
And what is the server adress? I have searched for a while but I've been unable to fins any info..
And by the way, is this website written for POL, or is it installed multi-use software?

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Dr Phil Mardi 26 Janvier 2010 à 23:53
Dr Phil

Err.. there is no VCS? Are all coding done by one person who uploads them to this site every now and then?

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NSLW Mercredi 27 Janvier 2010 à 8:51

That's right :D
Dr Phil Mercredi 27 Janvier 2010 à 20:17
Dr Phil

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