[Issue]Fairyland Online In Game Problems

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ChaoticAura Vendredi 29 Janvier 2010 à 0:17

I've recently made the move over to linux. so I'm a pretty big noob XD
thought Id get that out of the way first.

Well I've been trying my best to get Fairyland Online to work. but cant seem to get rid of some problems. the game starts,updates,logs in fine. but there are a couple of graphical problems that keep me from playing.

When I run the game with Wine 1.1.34 (and older) there are purple squares surrounding every sprite in the game. and it runs kind of choppy. ill upload a screenshot to show what I mean. Also when I run it on Wine 1.1.35 (and newer) the game runs with random elements upside down and mouse inversion. (makes it hard just to log in X.X)

From my observations the game appears to run best with Wine 1.1.34

I have looked over at wineHQ appdb and only found one other person had tested this game, with similar results.

any help would be appreciated. I think I've already gone through all the options with no results.

Game: Fairyland Online
Game Website:
Linux Distro: Ubuntu 9.10
PlayOnLinux 3.7.2
Tested on several versions of Wine
Gfx Card: Nvidia GeForce 7900 Gs (overclocked)
Card Driver: Nvidia Accelerated Graphics Driver (Version 185) [Recommended]

If further information is needed to help me ask and I shall provide.


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NSLW Vendredi 29 Janvier 2010 à 10:43

Try Wine 1.1.30 and see if you still have got these purple squares. If not then this is bug #20391 from Wine's Bugzilla.