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scmsystm Mercredi 10 Février 2010 à 1:46

hi i'm new to linux and PlayOnLinux too.
i'm currently using Mandriva 2010 One with gnome.
i have a question, its possible to install wine gecko and IE6 locally for every installing application or install them without downloading first?
NSLW Mercredi 10 Février 2010 à 21:04

If you ask for question about gecko whenever you want to install something in POL then it isn't possible, but you may ignore that message. That message comes from Wine and in my opinion is failed.

If you ask about gecko which you would like intentionally install using POL then you have to download gecko only once. Each subsequent gecko installation will use files downloaded earlier.

When it comes to IE6 then it also isn't possible because all files must been downloaded from Microsoft and are deleted just after installation, but you can take them to safe place and reuse them latter, but it's not convenient.

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