Simple tutorial to use POL

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xellink Mardi 23 Février 2010 à 23:45

Hi everyone, i wrote a simple tutorial to use POL. As you can see, its written a while ago and I haven't added any new posts to it. Please tell me what you think.
Dr Phil Dimanche 28 Février 2010 à 21:34
Dr Phil

Great tutorial! =)
Tinou has said that there (maybe) will be a wiki on this site and I think your guide would fit great into the wiki (if you allow).

EDIT: But you might want to change the description, PlayOnLinux works on all Linux-distributions, and there is even a port to Mac. =)

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Quentin PÂRIS Dimanche 28 Février 2010 à 21:58
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Hi !

If you prefere, I can easily make you a that you could manage.

(PlayOnLinux has his own blog system, you can see or which is if you like)

If you do that, and choose a PlayOnLinux' like design, I will add a blog like at the bottom of the page

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xellink Vendredi 26 Mars 2010 à 17:16

I'd love to, but i am having exams in may. I'll be doing a lot of work on the blog in june and july. when Its completed, I'll consider putting it on

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