Having trouble with KotoR 2

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Ruam Dimanche 28 Février 2010 à 21:05

Hello people

Like the title says I have some major problem trying to run KotoR 2 properly. At first I tried using just wine and this did not let me install the program properly and that is when I got POL. This way I got the program installed but I can not start it from POL at all (excet for the config-window, that works like a charm). If I start the game using simply Wine I can get the first window up (the one asking me if I want to start the game, open the config-window, update the game and so on). If I click the "Game"-button nothing happens most of the time., but 1 time out of 50 it starts running. If it starts the game works really good with the exception of some laggy sound and the fact that the cursor is invisible unless I click with it. I have tried using wine

As for my computer I am using Ubuntu 9.10 and have tried running the game under Wine 1.1.34 - 39. I use GeForce 8200M G as my graphics processor.

Hopefully someone here knows what the problem might be.

Thanks a bunch in advance